Family and Pet Friendly

The Cleaner Guys pledges to use only products that we would trust in our own homes. That means we only use organic, plant-based and biodegradable products that provide an effective clean yet are gentle on your environment. We truly care about the health and safety of your family and employees, giving you peace of mind when hiring us for a thorough clean. Here at The Cleaner Guys, we use Earth-conscious products that are in harmony with the ecosystem through all phases, from manufacturing through disposal. Plus, the equipment we use is state-of-the-art, able to remove stains, eliminate odors and protect your home or office from bacteria, mold and mites.

We want you to feel safe knowing that your home or business is as clean as it can be, as safely as it can be. Call us today to ask about the products we use. We would be happy to give you a free consultation and overview of services!

The Green Lifestyle

The Green Lifestyle is both a mindset and way of life that motivates you to seek out manufacturers that provide Earth-conscious products that are in harmony with the ecosystem from manufacturing through disposal.

When bringing about social change, it can be overwhelming to think about how many people need to get on the same page to make a difference. However, real change comes about when an idea catches on with individuals. It all starts in the living rooms and kitchens and garages and offices of everyday Americans.

The greatest areas of opportunity for change are with the things we do daily. While the greater goals for a green lifestyle is a clean environment, it starts with each of us having a positive impact on our immediate environment.

Can you really make a difference? The answer is yes! The simple choices you make every day are the ones that have the greatest effect on your world and the world at large.

That’s where the Cleaner Guys come in. By choosing a green cleaning alternative, you’re supporting the entire product lifecycle of eco-friendly products.


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