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Ensuring a clean working environment goes beyond simply removing dust and germs but can actually help you enhance productivity, safety and comfort for your employees and customers. Whether you own a retail store, coffee shop, and business office, you know a dirty work environment puts occupants at risk. Keep their health and safety front of mind when you hire us for our comprehensive commercial cleaning services.

We are a green-based environmentally conscious company that prides itself on products that are safe for your employees and customers but are tough enough to give you a deep-down clean. From shops to offices, germs run rampant. A clean work space extends well beyond the issue of safety. You can’t afford the downtime and subsequent reduction in productivity that comes with high rates of employee absenteeism due to illness. In addition, you are enhancing workflow for your employees and clients when you have a clean, neat environment for all to enjoy.

From trash removal to bathroom disinfecting and sanitizing common kitchen areas, The Cleaner Guys can help you maintain a clean, safe and healthy work environment. Our commitment to quality and satisfaction remains strong throughout the entire lifecycle of service. You can count on us to maintain a high level of focus and attention to detail from day one. Call us to find out the packages we offer, whether you’re looking for regular maintenance or deep cleans.

Did you know? 

Let our experts tell you.

Seasonal flu outbreaks cost employers more than $10 billion in hospitalization and outpatient visits every year, according to the CDC.

There are about 21,000 germs per square inch on your desktop at any one time, not to mention your stapler, phone, and other items people share in an office.

Each year during the cold and flu season, there is a dramatic spike in absenteeism rates for full-time and part-time employees.  Let us clean and reduce the spreading of germs.


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