Keep it GREEN, Keep it CLEAN!

At The Cleaner Guys, we put your family and the environment first. Bringing the purity of nature indoors is our promise to you, as we use only the best organic, plant-based and biodegradable products that are effective yet gentle. We formed The Cleaner Guys to offer a cleaning service that is 100% green, approaching each job in the most eco-friendly and family-friendly way possible. The products we use, as well as the techniques we employ, are designed to offer a safe solution for your home or business as well as for the environment in which we live. Our promise is to always clean your home as if we were cleaning our own, delivering the best quality and customer service possible. The quality of our work will always speak for itself!

Evan Mezansky


Nature has always been important to Evan, so investing his time in green cleaning was a no-brainer. A Lynn native, Evan has a degree in social work, but it’s the outdoors that have always been his passion. He is now bringing the purity of nature indoors with his cleaning service.

The Cleaner Guys - Owner Evan Mezansky

Jon Wise


Jon’s bachelor’s degree in history and his master’s in teaching provided a great basis for his work in green cleaning. The Danvers native truly cares about people and the environment. Over the years, he’s realized how important it is to have a clean, chemical-free home. With so many pollutants and harmful chemicals in traditional cleaning agents, Jon was compelled to start The Cleaner Guys.

The Cleaner Guys - Jon Wise Co-Owner

Kerri Mezansky

Office Manager

Kerri was born and raised in Lowell, Massachusetts. She has achieved a Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis and is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. Her dedication for going green is a virtue that she wishes to teach to as many people as possible. To help spread this awareness of a healthier way to clean, Kerri felt it was necessary to take advantage of this opportunity to join The Cleaner Guys. She believes in the importance of chemical-free cleaning along with understanding the harmful side effects of what “every day” household cleaners can do to the environment.

The Cleaner Guys - Office Manager - Kerri Mezansky

Jonathan Pilch

Cleaner Extraordinaire

Also a Lynn native, Jonathan has always enjoyed giving back to his community. In his spare time, he enjoys gleaning at various farms around Massachusetts, and loves to support local businesses. Due to his passion for green cleaning, always delivering great customer service, and having a tremendous work ethic, “The Cleaner Extraordinaire” is a vital part of The Cleaner Guys family.

The Cleaner Guys - Jonathan Pilch Expert Cleaner


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